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Guardian Homes

Our breeding program would not be successful without the numerous families who participate in our Guardian Family Program. The following information is designed to inform those who may be interested in being a part of this program.

Anyone who owns or has been owned by a corgi knows that corgis are people dogs. Corgis crave human companionship. They do better when in a family environment. No dog makes a good kennel dog as their need for people is so strong that a kennel atmosphere can make them destructive, yappy and withdrawn. Those characteristics do not translate into a good pet or parent.

We are NOT a kennel. We are a family of four who loves corgis and wanted to find a way to provide the dogs in our breeding program with the best life possible:  lots of one on one attention, vacation adventures and plenty of exercise, cuddles and love while still being able to have multiple litters each year.  The Guardian Family Program meets both needs and since our dogs are well loved and cared for, their calm, happy, loving demeanors are passed on to their pups which translates into more friendly, smart, loving pups for other families.

How the Guardian Program works:

The female or male “pick of select litters” is sold for a significantly reduced fee to a family that will provide a loving, caring home. The animal lives with this family for it’s entire life except during the times when it comes to us to be bred and then, later to have puppies.

Ownership of the dog is signed over to the Guardain family subject to the Guardain family signing a restrictive breeding contract with us. As the puppy grows, its health, temperament and conformation is monitored to determine if it is suitable for breeding. Once the animal is of age for breeding, we decide who it will be bred to and when.

Placing dogs in Guardain homes results in a far better life for a dog than living in a kennel. The Guardain family program is a good deal for the dog, a good deal for the Guardain family and a good deal for my breeding program. In my opinion, it is one of those “win-win” situations for everyone involved.

If for some reason I decide an animal is unsuitable for breeding, I will ask that it be spayed or neutered. When that is done, our breeding contract is null and void and the animal is able to enjoy the rest of it’s life with it’s family.



Visitig Us:
We do not board dogs or train dogs for people. Once a person talks with us and it is determined that they qualify for one of our dogs, they are encouraged to bring the dog back to us for grooming and a periodic visit. We prefer to have this arranged in advance. Due to the fact that we are not a kennel, we are unable to dog-sit. Since we often have a mom and puppies in the house and mothers get very upset at having a strange dog around her litter it is not possible for us to dogsit for any period of time due to vacations. We are happy to suggest care arrangements to cover for holidays etc. with families and can sometimes arrange vacation coverage with other foster families in our program.

Brindle Fluffy Cardigan (right)

Thelma (right) ~ Brindle Cardigan - $1000 to approved guardian home.

Blue Merle American Corgi

Wiggles ~ $1000 to an approved guardian home.

Brindle Cardigan Fluffy

Ladonna ~ $1000 To approved guardian home.

Brindle American Corgi (left)

Ripple (left) ~ $1000 to approved guardian home.

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