The #1 probiotic/prebiotic for birds!

Do you have a companion pet bird or birds? Do you have and/or breed one or more macaws, parrots, chickens, poultry, game-birds, pigeons, canaries, finches, lovebirds, budgies, cockatiels, doves, softbills or any other birds? Are you a veterinarian, avian-rescue facility or an aviculturalist? Do you administer to birds as an importer, operate a pet rescue facility or are a zoo curator? Do you believe in a holistic approach to having healthy birds? Then you certainly need to read all about AVI-CULTURE-2-PLUS™ THE ONLY ALL NATURAL live, 10-strain, GMO-FREE, 100% ORGANIC, Avian-Specific, Dairy-free, Spirulina & Kelp-Free, Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Soy-free, Sugar-free, Egg-free, Preservative-free, Allergen-free, Artificial Color-free, Additional Sugar-Free, & FOS-Free Probiotic with a guarantee of Over 5-Billion C.F.U.'s per Gram with 14 RAW, GMO-FREE, 100% ORGANIC, Plant-Sourced Essential Enzymes & Amino Acids in a Prebiotic Carrier of GMO-FREE, 100% Organic Brown Rice Maltodextrin, making it the purest, most potent & effective avian-specific probiotic. with the most C.F.U.'s per Gram with a guarantee of over 5-Billion C.F.U.'s per Gram, making it the purest, most potent & effective avian probiotic on the market to date!


AVI-CULTURE-2-PLUS is the very best, most potent and effective avian-specific probiotic blend on the market using the very latest advancements in biotechnology in the development and production of what is now the highest-quality product line with ingredients guaranteed to be made entirely in the U.S.A.


 BE "PRO-ACTIVE"WITH YOUR BIRDS! With its daily use it will help your birds digestive system break down the proteins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other nutrients from the foods they're fed in order to live longer, more productive, healthier and happier lives!


Don't wait until a bird gets sick to "reactto a problem!  If your bird is sick, please see a veterinarian immediately to get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment, but make sure you have AVI-CULTUR-2-PLUS on hand  to insure it develops a healthy immune system after any antibiotic treatment regimen! Help prevent infections by feeding the best organic foods and supplementing daily with the best supplement you'll need; AVI-CULTURE-2-PLUS in order to build and insure that your birds will always have a strong and healthy immune system!




  • What are Probiotics?

    Probiotics are compounds that are comprised of naturally-occurring intestinal bacteria. They have the ability to reduce the proliferation of infectious, pathogenic gut bacteria. There is a process called competitive exclusion whereby "good" bacteria (probiotics) out-compete potentially harmful organisms in the gut.

    Are Probiotics necessary?

    Let me ask you a question now: How does stress affect you? Stress causes indigestion, making us feel bloated or out-of-sorts. Stress also weakens the immune system, reducing our ability to resist infections. Stressed birds experience similar problems, only worse.

    When healthy, the digestive system of birds are much like ours in that they perform the same functions. They absorb nutrients & antioxidants, and by competitive exclusion, protect against harmful microorganisms & pathogens.

    Any bird taken out of its natural environment like being sent to a show or vet experiences various degrees of stress. Whether a bird is kept alone or with others, sooner or later, it will become stressed. Birds can experience huge amounts of stress when they must compete with others for space, food, water or attention.

    The breeding season is probably the most stressful time during a dogs life. Birds are more susceptible to the effects of stress especially during this time.

    Stress upsets the balance of "good", or "friendly" bacteria in the intestinal tracts of birds. This upset allows pathogenic (harmful) bacteria to multiply causing diarrhea,  weight loss, and a variety of other problems. Their immune-deficient systems make them easy targets for diseases caused by microorganisms such as pathogenic "bad" bacteria and viruses.

    What is the safest, most natural way to counteract the effects of stress? 
    The answer is to put "friendly" bacteria to work in the dog or puppy intestinal tract. The answer is AVI-CULTURE-2-PLUS™, the live, probiotic that works! It is a totally safe and beneficial product that utilizes "friendly" bacteria that arrives in the gut in sufficient quantities to allow birds to get back on track to a healthy, happy and long life!

    Probiotics insure ALL BIRDS IN CAPTIVITY that they have the ability to increase the quality of the receptors in their brain to insure a healthy neurological system that is essentially required to prevent that nasty and preventable habit of self-mutilation practice of picking out its own feathers in search of the proteins their receptors tell them that they're lacking!