American Corgis


The majority of the American Corgis I use in my breeding program are 100%  Pembroke via DNA or parentage. Genetically most entirely Pembroke, but they do still carry some of the wonderful Cardigan characteristics. They have never met a stranger. Their outgoing, comical and fun-loving like a Pembroke, but a bit more laid back. Generally easier to train and slightly less "bossy" than most Pembrokes tend to be. 


Probably one of the neatest things about the the American Corgi  litters is they come in all colors under the rainbow accepted by both Pembroke and Cardigan  standards. However the "American Corgi" in general is referred to as the merle colored pembroke/cardigan cross. I specialize in high quality blue merle, red merle, bluie merle, red bluie merle,  fluffy merles, red and white, sable, black headed tri, red headed tri, brindle merle, bridle and fawn American Corgi pups.

The American Corgi is an exciting new developing breed. Registration at this time is with the Continental Kennel Club. The American Corgi was created by crossing the Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Since then through selective breeding, focus has been put on carrying forward only the best traits of each breed as well as putting that beautiful merle coloring onto a more physically Pembroke style dog. 


All the dogs pictured on this page are American Corgis which I own and or have produced.