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Upcoming Litters

Reserving a Corgi Pup:  

At Hat Creek Corgis I employ a waitlist to find the most magnificent homes for my Pembroke Welch corgi puppies, American Corgi puppies and my Cardigan Welch corgi puppies for sale. My experience is that it's best for both you as the buyer and me as the breeder. Joining my waiting list will give you the best chance of getting exactly what your heart 💙  desires, while reducing the amount of time you have to wait for that perfect corgi.


I need to determine who is willing to wait for a quality corgi puppy, and I want to feel confident knowing that you are a serious buyer who will be able to provide a life suited for a king and queen for my puppies. In order to reserve one of my elite corgi puppies I do ask for a deposit to be added to the waitlist. This allows me to be fair to each interested new home. Once I receive your deposit, your place on the list is confirmed  and the puppy that you desire is secured for you from the next available litter.


I understand that placing a deposit on a future puppy or one not quite old enough to go home can be a little scary due to all the scammers out there who claim to have corgi puppies for sale. Because of that,  I want you to feel 100% at ease, I am more than happy to talk with you on the phone and/ or text which ever you prefer. I'm also willing to do a video chat, message photos or videos and more information. You can always check out all the wonderful testimonials  provided by other corgi families as well.


Furthermore, once your puppy is born I continue to involve you in the puppy's progress thru the first 2 months of his/her life. I provide updates, videos and photos on my Facebook page  so that you feel secure with your purchase.


Once you have decided a Hat Creek Corgi puppy is worth the wait, or if you have found your dream puppy on my Corgis For Sale page  , you can click HERE  to be taken to my simple secure payment link to place your deposit. For your convenience, also accept deposits thru Cash App and or Zelle. If you would prefer to use one of those options, just shoot me a text, email or give me a call and I will be more than happy to give you the payment details.


Deposits are $500 and once you have placed your secure deposit you will receive an email from me with details on the next step.


If the color or sex of the pup you want is not available in the upcoming litter, your  deposit is transferred to a different puppy of your choice from that litter or to the next upcoming litter. You will never loose your deposit.

If you wish to reserve pick of the litter (the absolute best quality puppy in the litter) it is a $1,000 deposit and you will automatically be placed 1st on the list for the litter matching your preferences.
I will give a $$ discount if puppy is paid in full at the time you pick which puppy you want.
I also allow you to make weekly payments on your puppy until puppy is 8 weeks old at which time puppy should be paid in full.
All puppies come with a Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee against life threatening inherited defects. Puppies will be UTD on shots and worming according to age. Tails and dewclaws are removed.

Prices Range :

Pricing of each litter really depends on the parents of each litter, their health testing, and if the puppy is for breeding or pet only.  


Rarely do I offer breeding rights to another breeder unless they are approved and share the same code of ethics as I do for this breed. If you are a breeder seeking breeding rights please MESSAGE me so we can discuss further what you are wanting in a breeding dog.


Corgi puppies eye color, coat, markings and size has a lot to do with their pricing as well.

My prices range from...

$2000 - $3900 pet price on a Spay/Neuter Contract

$2,500 - $6,500 for breeding with Full Registration .

At the top of the price range, a corgi puppy will have the popular color combinations, markings and coat . Those would be merle, fluffy, bluie dilute and fawn. Towards the bottom of the price range they will be more in Tri, brindle and Red colors or minimal markings and brown eyes. 


Reserving a puppy at a young age or future litter will lock in the best price available at the current time, as prices are subject to change with future litters and or training. My Corgis only get more expensive with age and training.
I offer the following:

Fluffy Corgis, Merle Fluffy Corgis, Brindle Fluffy Corgis, Blue Merle Corgis, Red Merle Corgis, Sable Merle Corgis, Fawn Merle Corgis, Brindle Merle Corgis, Dilute (Bluie) Merle Corgis, Bluie Dilute Corgis (Tri, Red, Sable) Tri Corgis, Red Corgis, Sable Corgis, Brindle Corgis, Fawn Corgis and probably a few colors I am forgetting.

Puppies are AKC or  CKC Registrable 

All  puppies come with a  Lifetime Genetic   Health Guarantee and a puppy pack full of all sorts of goodies.

Upcoming Litters

Fall 2022

Pink (Sable Bluie) X Gus (Tri Bluie)

Colors to expect

Bluie Dilute like Gus, Sable Dilute like Pink

and Red Bluie Dilute.
Now Accepting Deposits

Upcoming Litters

Fall 2022

Lizzy Blue Merle Carries Dilute X Carl Sable Dilute Brindle

Colors to expect

Bluie Dilute, Sable Dilute, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Brindle, Brindle Merle, Bluie Dilute Merle, Sable Dilute Merle, Red Dilute Merle, Brindle Dilute Merle, Tri, Red, Sable

and Red Bluie Dilute....Whew 😅 did I miss anything?
Now Accepting Deposits

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