Health Guarantee...



I guarantee my puppies to be in good health to the best of my knowledge. Each owner/home that purchases a puppy with Full Registration and breeding rights is offered a one year "basic" health guarantee against congenital defects and a two year “basic” health guarantee against genetic defects for their new puppy. 


All shots and worming will be up to date and puppies will be free from obvious defects at the time of pickup and or shipment.


Puppies may be severely stressed by the change in their environment from time to time. Minor problems such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, guardia, wormy stool, kennel cough etc., may occur and must be treated. These conditions are the responsibility of you, the buyer, and should be checked by a veterinarian. Minor health problems that can be cured with medication or surgery are not covered by any guarantee. A replacement puppy will be offered in exchange for a puppy purchased should death, illness or defect occur before pickup and or delivery. If a replacement puppy is not available one will be offered to you in a future litter.


Buyers Responsibility


Have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours (some exceptions are available i.e. if you pick your puppy up on a Friday and have a 2 day drive back home or you receive your puppy on a Friday night and vet is not open on Saturday) of delivery or pickup. Have your vet give puppy a 5 way combo vaccine and 3 days of Panacur De-Wormer. I must be informed immediately of the examination's result by email or by telephone and a copy of the paper work submitted to me via the email or text. Failure to complete this crucial step will terminate the health guarantee on your puppy. This guarantee will then be null and void. Be sure to provide your puppy with routine preventative care, such as, but not limited to: Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian. Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and de-worming.

If you acquired your puppy through one of my random draws, please be aware puppy is not for resale. Puppy can never be sold, given away or re-homed to any 3rd party. If for any reason you are unable to keep said puppy you must return it to me here at Hat Creek Corgis. You can always reach me through email, text, phone or facebook.


Health Guarantee


Your puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against fatal and life altering congenital diseases which adversely affect the health of the animal. This includes severe hip dysplasia, which hampers a dog's movement and natural gait and requires surgery to correct; kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature. If the dog dies within this one year time frame, you must pay to have it autopsied to ascertain reason of death. If reason is congenital, we will replace the puppy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Your puppy is guaranteed until two years of age against life altering genetic defect which adversely affects the quality of your puppies life and or requires euthanasia.  Puppy  must show the genetic defect by twenty-four months of age and congenital defects within one year of age.

PLEASE NOTE: Any puppy sold after 4-1-2019 ...My Full guarantee is provided free of charge to those puppies sold with Full Registrations and Breeding rights. Puppies sold with Limited Registrations and No Breeding rights this guarantee will apply until your puppy is 12 months of age. If you would like to purchase a longer guarantee please let me know. For those puppies that are sold as "Pets Only" meaning no papers or breeding rights. This guarantee will apply for 90 days after date of purchase.  If you would like to purchase a longer guarantee please let me know.

All items covered in this guarantee are replacement only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No monies will ever be refunded. 


 A puppy showing any serious genetic or congenital defect will be replaced as follows: Animal must show the defect by one year of age for genetic and two years of age for congenital.


I must be notified of the defect within two (2) business days of the licensed veterinarian's precise diagnosis and a detailed description of that diagnosis that the puppy has a serious life threatening congenital or genetic disorder. I also require one (1) report from an unassociated veterinarian stating  a similar precise diagnosis of the same defect. I will then provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. A puppy with a defect must be returned to me at buyers expense in good condition, other than the specified problem or euthanasia with our permission at your expense to qualify for a replacement puppy. The replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may or may not be from the exact same parents as the original puppy.


This guarantee applies to the original puppy and buyers only and is nontransferable to a second party or puppy. I will not be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred. You, as the buyer, are fully aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understand that you will be responsible for all payments. As of the date of delivery and or pickup, your puppy has received proper vaccinations and has been de-wormed on a strict schedule.


You have been informed of the puppy's vaccination and de-worming schedule and are aware of future vaccinations and de-wormings that will be due. This guarantee does not cover Guardia, Coccidia, and Bordetella, which can be common in puppies that are shipped. This bacteria can be spread easily through boarding kennels, dog parks, and other public areas. For an additional cost, you may have us vaccinate your puppy against Bordetella helping prevent this infection from occurring. Bordetella is self-limiting and, like the common cold, must run its course. I recommend vaccinating against Bordetella twice a year. Your puppy should receive regular vaccinations which include Parvo Virus every 2 to 3 weeks until 16 weeks of age. Parvo Virus can be picked up on the bottom of your shoes and carried back home. It is very important that you be very cautions and very careful with your new puppy as far as what and how many people you expose him or her to until at least 2 weeks after the very last vaccines at 16 weeks of age. There are a few strains of  Parvo that no vaccine is available for and giving that additional parvo vaccine at 14 and 16 weeks will carry over and help cross protect your puppy. However, you still need to do your part and not expose him or her to people, places and things at an early age. Dog parks, vet clinics, puppy classes, areas where stray dogs travel, Pets Mart, Pet Stores etc... I guarantee that my vaccination protocol is UTD and your puppy has received all age appropriate vaccinations and worming. Because there are certain strains of Parvo that no vaccination is available for, this guarantee does not cover Parvo.


There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, such as but not limited to: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange, tumors, degenerative Myopathy, growths, scabies, mite related illness are not covered by this guarantee. Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee. There is no guarantee that you will be able to show or breed your puppy regardless of show or breeding potential. In addition I do not guarantee DNA testing results with any testing lab.  The curve of inaccuracies, user error, tainted samples and more are beyond my control.


I will never be required to take any dog or puppy back that becomes ill once it has left these premises. All sales are final.  I do not take any responsibility for a dogs demise while under anesthetic.


I will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for replace, once s/he leaves my care. In addition, I make no guarantee on eye color, coat color, hair length, ear-set  size,  DNA test results, show or working ability, or reproduction ability/capability of the puppy. Guarantee does not cover undescended testicles, overbites, underbites or inverted vulva.


You agree to properly socialize and expose your puppy to various situations as to develop a sound temperament. The first two years are especially important. It is strongly recommended that your puppy attend obedience school and/or puppy kindergarten. It is important that the puppy learns who the leader is and how to socialize with other puppies/dogs as well as people. 

Your new puppy will be as big as he or she is meant to be. I can give you the sizes of your puppies mom and dad, but we do breed a size variety of Corgi's and genetics can be fickle. There are no guarantees that this puppy will not end up being bigger or smaller than its parents.

Please be advised that you should not engage your puppy in high jumping or agility exercises until he is over one year of age. This guarantee does not cover hips and elbows. Puppy bones need time to grow and become strong enough for these activities.


If you are planning on breeding your puppy and  have purchased a male, this health contract/guarantee will be void if you breed him before he is a year old. If a female this health contract/guarantee will be void if you breed her before 18 months of age.


Puppies ears will stand with time. Giving them extra calcium... i.e. cottage cheese, shredded cheese, greek yogurt or a calcium supplement can help with the ears. All the calcium goes to a puppies teeth when they are teething. Providing extra calcium will help with the ears. Also during stressful situations... i.e. vaccines, your puppies ears may droop or come up and down. One thing you can also do to help with the heavier eared pups is to shave the back of their ears and tape them for a few days. That works wonders if all else fails.  


New owner is responsible for sending updates and pics to me every 6 months so I can keep my records up to date. Please be advised, I may at any time use them for advertising purposes and they may be added to my internet pages. You can send pics via text to

940-217-2422 or email at You may also post pics to the wall of  "Hat Creek Corgis" FB Group Page. This health contract/guarantee will be void if I do not receive updates and pics on your puppy every 6 months.

If you ever feel it necessary to give up your puppy or dog and need help finding a home for it, you must  contact me. If at any time in the life of the dog you are unable to keep this dog, I, the breeder, will try to assist you in finding a new home for the dog or the dog may be returned to me. No monies shall be refunded under any circumstances, however I will help you re-home the dog into a loving home. There is no reason that a Hat Creek Corgis puppy or adult should ever end up in a pound, rescue or bad home situation!   At no time shall the pup be placed in an animal shelter or animal rescue facility.

I have cared for your puppy and given him/her love, attention, and vet care (as needed) in order to get him/her ready for your home. Once this puppy leaves my home, I can no longer assume any responsibility. This contract is non-transferable. Should you relinquish ownership of your puppy, for any reason, this contract shall be null and void.


The puppy will have the name "Hat Creeks" in the beginning of its name or "Of Hat Creeks" in the end of its name, or this health contract/guarantee will be null and void. Your puppy’s name after Hat Creeks can be chosen by new owners. For Example - "Hat Creeks Clara Allan" or  Smokin' Hot Banana of Hat Creeks. Have fun and be creative with your names.


Temperament is not only determined by genetics, but also by environment. Too often, nice puppies develop problems as a result of the way they were raised. I have no control over environment after the puppies leave my home, therefore I do not guarantee the temperament of my puppies. I do guarantee that all puppies have been well socialized while they were here.

I wish you the best with your new puppy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me any time. I provide a life time of support and advise for your puppy.

This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas, in the county of  Cooke.  It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Gainesville Tx.


By purchasing a puppy from me, you the buyer have agreed to all the terms listed above. Feel free to print this for your records.

Below is where you sign the Health Guarantee and submit it back to me.

If you purchased a "Pet Only" then please Fill in Section A.) type your name and that you agree to that section.


If you purchased a puppy with "Limited Registration/ No Breeding rights" Please Fill in Section B.) type your name and that you agree in that section.


Same goes for those that purchased a puppy with "Full Registration and Breeding Rights" please fill in section C.)

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