Place A Deposit On A Puppy

Please note if you use a Credit Card to pay you will be charged a 3% Fee.If you would like to pay without using a Credit Card please contact me. I have several other safe and secure options.




Once you place a deposit on a puppy that puppy is removed from the website and taken off the market as an available puppy. The puppy is held and reserved in your name.


By placing a deposit on a puppy you are agreeing to the purchase of said puppy.


You must agree to the terms of sale AND sign both the "Terms OF Sale" and the "Health Guarantee" in order to use this option and your deposit to be accepted.


Please click the links below to sign both the Terms of Sale and Health Guarantee.


Terms Of Sale

Health Guarantee

Place A Deposit On A Puppy

  • By placing a deposit on a puppy you agree that deposits are non-refundable and balance on puppy is due on or before puppy is 7 weeks of age if you plan to have shipping arranged. Otherwise cash is due upon pickup of your puppy. You agree to pay for all shipping expenses which can range from 200-400 depending on the method used for shipping. You also agree to all the terms and conditions of the "Terms Of Sale" and  "Health Guarantee" and understand that no monies are ever refunded under any circumstances. All sales are final and if a puppy needs to be replaced according to the terms of the Health Guarantee that no monies will ever be refunded. By sending a deposit you agree to the terms stated above, the Health Guarantee and the term of sale

    If you would like to pay without using a credit card please contact me.